Anavar for sale online - anavar before and afterAnavar is actually the brand name for Oxandrolone, so if you ever hear anyone talking about Oxandrolone, you know that they are referring to Anavar. It is quite a mild steroid, especially when you are comparing it to other anabolic steroids, such as Trenbolone. Anavar pills are to be taken orally and one of the benefits that may be further utilised by people new to steroids is the fact that Anavar tablets are a good choice if you have never used any type of steroid before.

The reason for this is because Anavar pills are a fairly weak, which means that it is less likely for a newcomer to experience its side effects. However do not make the mistake of thinking that Anavar cannot be harmful just because of the fact that it is a milder steroid. If you do in fact go over the recommended dosage, you should be prepared to expect some of the side effects associated with taking too much Anavar.

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When Anavar pills are manufactured pharmaceutically, they will usually be sold in tablets containing 2.5mg of Anavar which is the recommended low dose. This is actually the main reason why Anavar has gained the reputation of being a weak steroid. Of course if there is someone who is a bodybuilder, they are not going gain much at all from such low doses of Anavar. In order to get results with the pill form of Anavar, a bodybuilder would be taking anywhere between 25 and 50mg in order to make it worthwhile, some people have even gone up to 100mg per day.

Although these people usually know what they are doing as they are professional bodybuilders who have learnt how their body reacts to certain stimuli over the years. If just anyone was to suddenly jump onto 100mg of oral Anavar, it would be very likely that they would undergo the ordeal of the Anavar side effects. Of course, this type of dose is not recommended.

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How Safe Are Anavar Pills?

Because of the fact that Anavar – Oxandrolone pills come in such low doses when sold pharmaceutically, it leads to people wanting to use Anavar for enhanced abilities to search for the steroid on the black market, from undergrounds labs. The doses in these places cater to people such as bodybuilders, so an Anavar tablet here would contain 20 – 50mg of Anavar. However one of the main issues with buying Anavar from underground labs is the fact that a lot of places are not legit, meaning it may be likely that you end up administering inaccurate doses of Anavar because you though you bought “x” amount, whereas in reality you could have bought more or less of it. There are also differentiating views on how effective oral Anavar really is. This could just be down to how each individual’s body responds to Anavar or the fact that the majority of people buy this steroid from the black market which leads to them receiving low doses and as a result they think the effectiveness of Anavar is poor. But the fact may be that their doses have just been too low to see any real results.

Anavar tablets were actually manufactured in the first place in order to treat people who were suffering from severe weight loss, this included people suffering from diseases such as AIDS as it was a muscle wasting disease. It was thought that the anabolic properties of Anavar could, in fact, help with this particular symptom of AIDS or any other muscle wasting disease for that matter. In its pill form, patients would take between 5 and 10mg of Anavar per day and the results were seen in terms of the improvement of their condition. Although the way these people were taking the drug was quite a different way to how bodybuilders take them today.

A safe guideline to go by with Anavar pills, in fact, any other oral steroid, is to not go above 50mg per day as this could lead to some serious health issues. Patients suffering from muscle wasting diseases were on around 2.5 – 5mg of Anavar per day, this small amount would not have had any dangerous adverse effect on liver. Many people think that Anavar cannot negatively impact your liver in terms of its toxicity levels. This is not completely true as there have been studies that show Anavar Pillspeople who use Anavar have increased liver toxicity levels although they are not as high when compared to the effects of other anabolic steroids but the risk is still there. If you know that your liver toxicity levels have increased, simply discontinue your Anavar cycle and you the levels should go back to normal after some time.

Although the toxicity levels of your liver may not be hugely affected, this does not mean that your liver is completely safe from other things. In fact, your liver will take a hit from using any type of oral steroid because of the fact that when it is consumed in this way, it has to go through your liver which could potentially lead to problems if you take too much Anavar. If you are new to taking steroids, you will notice decent results from taking Anavar pills on their own but most bodybuilders tend to stack it or use it with other steroids to maximise their results.

I want to end this article by letting you know that I do not condone the use of steroids. However, it is definitely worthwhile writing about them in order to let people understand more about all these different types of steroids.