Crazy Bulk’s D-Bal is designed to mimic the effects of Methandrostenolone.

It is more commonly referred to as Dianabol and known to be the ‘granddaddy’ of steroids due to its exceptional effects on the body.

It works by increasing the retention of nitrogen which puts or keeps the body in an anabolic state ready for huge amounts of muscle growth.

This allows for rapid gains in both strength and size for a muscular, powerful physique. Also, since D-Bal’s pills are taken orally, there’s no need for injections and a substantially lower risk of side effects.

D-BAL Review


  • Rapid muscle gain
  • Increased nitrogen retention
  • Improved strength and stamina
  • Upgraded focus, drive, and motivation


  • Completely safe and legal alternative to the steroid Dianabol
  • Only the highest quality ingredients
  • No needles or prescriptions required
  • Results within just 30 days of use
  • Every 3rd item purchased is absolutely free

d bal reviewD-Bal is just one of the numerous amazing products by Crazy Bulk designed to improve your look and performance.

All of Crazy Bulk’s legal steroids are designed to emulate an illegal steroid by keeping all of the benefits and eradicating the side effects.

Now, let’s take a look at exactly how it works and whether it’s worth your money.

D-Bal is a power-packed proprietary formula that’s been created as a side-effect free match for Methandrostenolone. The supplement creates a highly potent anabolic environment in the body by increasing MPS (muscle protein synthesis) as well as nitrogen retention in the muscle tissue.

This combination creates the perfect setting for your body to build muscle and gain strength. You’ll also receive a noticeable boost in your energy levels and endurance for longer, more intense workouts.

I’ve used this product just twice so far but each time gave me phenomenal results. Following the instructions on the back of the bottle, I took 3 tablets a day split into 3, single-tablet doses.

I would also take these pills on both workout days and non-workout days as recommended on the bottle. On workout days, I found it best to take it 45 minutes before training to get the best results.

Overall, I noticed a definite increase in my strength and muscle mass which is even more astounding as I didn’t have to take them for long. It’s recommended to cycle by having a 2 month (8 weeks) ‘on’ period followed by a 1 and a half week ‘off’ period.


The following ingredients are what you’ll find in D-Bal:


One of the three BCAAs known for its beneficial effects on muscle strength and size. Isoleucine draws water into the muscle belly in order to increase its volume and aesthetic. It’s also broken down for energy within the muscle tissue and helps to regulate blood sugar.


d bal ingredientsAnother of the three main BCAAs in the bodybuilding world. Valine plays an important role in assisting energy to the muscle cells.

For this reason, it’s incredibly good at increasing your endurance levels and muscle recovery.


Possibly the biggest and best of the big three BCAAs as its directly correlated to muscular growth by increasing MPS in the body.

Without leucine, the body can’t process other proteins. It enhances performance by supplying energy under stress and preserves lean mass.

It also helps the body keep hold of muscle glycogen. A vital energy source stored in the muscle tissue for powerful contractions.

Whey Protein Concentrate

The most popular stand-alone bodybuilding supplement available which helps you keep on top of your protein intake and therefore, increase muscle size and strength

Tribulus Terrestris

Boosts natural testosterone production for better focus, power, strength, size, confidence and overall wellbeing

Side Effects

D-Bal is completely made from all-natural ingredients which makes it safe to use. All Crazy Bulk products undergo rigorous testing for safety and effectiveness before being available on their website.

Even the laboratory that the products are manufactured in is frequently inspected by the FDA. Also, unlike steroids, this product will not affect your blood pressure or cause issues with your liver.

Crazy Bulk pride themselves on being able to sell steroids that are the effective available on the market, but completely legal and safe for use.

Bodybuilding stacks


I included below just one of the many before and after images of real users of D-Bal.

It’s important to remember that in order to achieve results similar to this you also need to put in hard work in the gym and with your diet, also. No matter how good the supplements you’re taking are, they can’t reach their full potential unless alongside a healthy lifestyle. This means intense gym workouts specifically designed for your goal alongside the correct caloric and macronutrient intake.

What you’ll find with many websites is dramatic claims for muscle growth and fat loss with little to no evidence to back them up. Fortunately, Crazy Bulk cut through all of this with real-world testimonials from a range of customers who have seen real progress with their products.

D-Bal is an extremely effective and legal alternative to Dianabol that’s sold at a great value. While you may not see as big a change as the real thing, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this supplement. The results are impressive, but it’s not a magic pill.

Don’t expect to take D-Bal and wake up the next morning 50kg heavier. You need to work hard, stay consistent and be patient with hitting your goal.

d-bal results before and after photos

D-Bal vs Steroids vs Prohormones

Steroids can be extremely dangerous and come with a high potential for side effects such as:

• Gynecomastia (A.K.A. man boobs)
• Raised cholesterol
• High blood pressure
• Liver damage

So, while it’s still possible to buy illegal anabolic steroids such as Dianabol, the sources you have to purchase them from are not reputable and the steroid itself can do more harm than good.

Prohormones are another alternative to anabolic steroids, but while they are legal they are still not completely safe. Prohormones can help to gain size and strength, but many who use them state that the risk is not worth the reward. When using prohormones, you also need to use liver support supplements. Post cycle therapy to eliminate potential side effects is highly advisable.

On the other hand, Crazy Bulk’s D-Bal is completely safe without any side effects. It offers similar benefits for strength and muscle gain without any of the legal or health issues associated with anabolic steroids and prohormones.


To ‘stack’ supplements simply means to use two or more at the same time in order to maximise your results and the effect of each supplement. Stacks are recommended to those who are looking to make the best progress possible and achieve their goal faster.

Many experienced bodybuilders will tell you that stacking supplements is extremely effective. If a supplement works well alone, then it has the potential to work a lot better alongside another which is designed for the same results. For example, pairing two bulking supplements together or two cutting supplements.

The recommended stack for D-Bal is called the ‘Bulking Stack’ which consists of 4 different supplements: D-Bal, DecaDuro, Trenorol and Testo Max. Just like D-Bal, all of these supplements have been designed to mimic popular steroids without the negative side effects or legal issues.

DecaDuro is a safe alternative to Deca Durabolin, a steroid that helps aid recovery. It does this through increasing MPS and collagen synthesis so that your muscles and joints are back to working at their highest level a lot faster.

Trenorol is an alternative to Trenbolone that helps to increase red blood cell production for increased oxygen delivery to your muscles. This helps boost strength and recovery capabilities.

Finally, Testo Max contains the potent testosterone increasing ingredient Tribulus Terrestris. Again, this helps to increase strength and muscle growth whilst also reducing your body fat.

When used together these supplements will cause serious changes to your look and performance; especially when used in the right way for the recommended 8-week cycle.


1. Does Crazy Bulk’s D-Bal work?

Yes, but it’s not a magic pill. In order to see the results like the transformation pictures you also need to work hard in the gym and stay consistent with your diet.

2. Is D-Bal legal and safe?

Yes, as D-Bal contains no banned substances it is completely legal and side-effect free.

3. Where can I buy D-Bal?

It’s best to purchase D-Bal through the official Crazy Bulk website in order to buy the correct product. Purchasing from other sites can mean that you buy a copy-cat/imitation product or even a product that has been tampered with. It’s also not available to buy on Amazon, eBay or through GNC.

D-Bal Summary

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