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supplements stackIn the world of training, it is almost impossible to not have heard about supplements since they are pretty much found everywhere nowadays. Supplements have greatly increased in popularity in recent years as more and more people make use of them, but with added popularity also comes added competition. New brands are popping up every day as you can tell by looking at the many professional bodybuilders who are starting their own companies. Extra competition brings a varied selection to consumers, but it also makes it harder to select a quality product.

It is through articles such as this BSN Hyper FX review that you stand the best chance of filtering the good from the bad, so let’s get started.

I have been practicing the sport of bodybuilding for almost 7 years now (as of writing) and know first-hand that not every supplement delivers. You should know that the things you read on product labels are not actually verified by anyone, so basing your choice on that is mostly a bad idea. As mentioned earlier, reviews have been a great way for me to gauge a product’s effectiveness because they give you a realistic look at said product, although you have to make sure that the reviews are actually legit.

BSN Hyper FX Facts

BSN is one of the most well-known companies when it comes to supplements and has some of the most popular athletes on its team such as Flex Lewis, Roelly Winklaar, and Mark Bell. Ronnie Coleman, 8 time Mr. Olympia champion, was also with BSN during his bodybuilding career. Known for making very high-quality supplements, let me start off by saying that Hyper FX is no exception.

Now you may have heard about N.O.-Xplode which is another pre-workout supplement by the same company, but these two products are not the same. Although they are indeed both pre-workout supplements, N.O.-Xplode’s main ingredient is creatine and as such is more focused on strength and power while BSN Hyper FX ‘s main ingredient is beta-alanine which gives it great endurance, energy, and focus properties. This makes both products different from each other although I don’t recommend you take them together.

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Using Hyper FX Properly

Just like most other pre-workout supplements out there, this product is to be consumed about 30 minutes prior to training by mixing it with water (about 3 oz to 6 oz, according to the labeling). You know this product is starting to affect you when you start to get a tingling sensation in your body. Make sure you do not shake the mixture or it will expand and overflow out of your cup; instead stir using a spoon or something similar. The instructions on the back tell you to take 1 scoop, but not everyone has the same tolerance. A rule which I like to apply to all pre-workout supplements is to first start out with half a scoop in order to test my tolerance, and then go up from there. From this dose, you can then go up to 1 scoop, 1 and a half scoops, and even 2, but don’t go above this point. Once 2 scoops no longer affect you properly, cycle off the product for some time in order to let your tolerance go down.

The reasons why you need to cycle this product are simple:

  • If you keep using it for a prolonged period of time you will have to keep increasing the dosage. This is called diminishing returns.
  • This product contains a lot of caffeine, which can be harmful to the body when taken in large dosages.
  • It is recommended on the back to not take more than 2 scoops per day. After long-term use 2 scoops will no longer affect you.

Speaking of caffeine, do not take this product close to bed time or you will have a very hard time actually getting to sleep; trust me on this one!

The energy I got from this product was quite noticeable especially on days where I felt tired. I didn’t actually use this product for every workout (although it is perfectly safe to do so) but instead opted to use it only on days where I was down in the dumps. If this is your first time using this product I highly suggest you try out the Blue Raspberry flavor and go for the 30 servings size since this gives you the most bang for your buck.

That’s all for this write-up guys; I hope you have learned something new from this Hyper FX review! If you have anything to add or wish to ask something please don’t hesitate in order to leave a comment below.

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BSN Hyper FX
  • Mixability
  • Endurance
  • Energy
  • Focus



Last update April 17th, 2016

BSN Hyper FX Supplement Facts:

hyper fx supplement facts

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