If you even have the smallest interest in bodybuilding and fitness then you have properly heard of or been redirected online to Bodybuilding.com.

This Idaho based company specializes in bodybuilding and sports supplements. However, their site now stretches far beyond this with access to information and tutorials from experts regarding any topic in the fitness industry at the click of a button.

They also operate 9.4 million active members social network called BodySpace. Bodybuilding.com, with over 1 million daily visitors is one of the Internet’s most-trafficked bodybuilding and fitness website.

FAQ About Bodybuilding.com

Who Started Bodybuilding.com?

Bodybuilding.com was a concept following the success of an online shop called wholesale-creatine.com. It was created in 1997 by Ryan DeLuca who was a bodybuilder and at that time young aspiring entrepreneur.

DeLuca wanted to seize this opportunity and profit from growing popularity of supplements and expressed interest to build muscle and get fit. At the age of 21, for $20,000 he purchased the Bodybuilding.com domain. In April 1999 the website was ready and went online.

He also started teenbodybuilding.com. New website thrived as many exceptional teen bodybuilders provided insightful articles and writings. But it was finally consolidated into the main brand name.

Who Owns Bodybuilding.com?

Following the years of fast growth during 2006 Inc. Magazine on its famous list of “30 Under 30: America’s Coolest Entrepreneurs” ranked DeLuca number five. In the year of 2008 company called Liberty Media Co paid more than $100 million for a controlling stake in Bodybuilding.com.

This number is ever growing as their expanding website has distribution centers across Las Vegas, New Berlin, Shiremanstown, and Bedfordshire in the U.K. However sticking to and remembering its roots the company headquarters remains located in Idaho.

What Are Bodybuilding.com Values?

The site has not stopped evolving since is birth in 1999 but the culture and values have remained strong and true to its origins.

Bodybuilding.com appears obsessed with creating the best fitness site available to all, and free. The customers do come first as their questions are answered, thirst for knowledge quenched and needs met.

However, it’s not just the customers that are being looked after. If you work for them the focus is placed on your health and wellbeing as an employee also.

The company strives for a healthier workforce, customers and overall healthier and better people. To quote one of Bodybuilding.com core values “Our mission is not complete until the customer says “Wow””.

Bodybuilding.com Workouts, Exercises And Nutrition Articles

The company prides itself on its content; this is the backbone of what they stand for. The fresh daily content is consistent and non-stop. It is this constant stream of information that its customers have come to rely on.

There are over 35,000 pages of free content and information currently available. Visitors have access to over 1,000 ‘how to’ exercise and workout tutorials including video presentations.

There is also a choice of over 1400 healthy meals and snacks recipes. Following them will allow any fitness enthusiast to eat right and gain nutrition based knowledge too.

The online forum is the place to ask any question regarding bodybuilding, health, fitness, muscle recovery, best workout routines etc. Very rarely you get an answer that’s not well researched, in-depth and given by a leading expert in the field.

The company ships the world’s leading fitness supplement brands globally every day of the week, each week of the year. They also have a 24/7/365 customer support service.

The website has a huge supplement shop that is deep with information, expert knowledge, and cutting-edge advice. All this to help the customer find the right product for their own specific personal goals.

This large range of bodybuilding supplements including protein powders, pre-workouts, and BCAA supplements comes also with reviews from other customers that further push the boundaries of assuring quality.

Often promoting special offers and discounts across the board bodybuilding.com continue to strive for availability and accessibility to the masses.

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