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Many of us nowadays submit to the cycle of bulking to build muscle followed by a cut to lose fat.

However, it can be a little easy to place too much faith in your bulk which leads to a larger amount of fat gain than you were hoping for.

Not so long ago, in order to create the Greek God aesthetic, you’d have to undergo an intense training regime alongside a strict diet.

Luckily, the excess fat can be easily lost by the right cutting approach alongside appropriate supplements.

There are now legal food supplements available that you can use to speed up your fat burning process as well as preserve and build lean muscle mass. One of the best is Crazy Bulk’s Cutting Stack.

Cutting Stack Review


  • Created to help you shed fat fast
  • Builds lean muscle for a well-rounded physique
  • Dramatic gains in both strength and energy


  • Completely safe and legal
  • Only the highest quality ingredients
  • No needles or prescriptions required
  • Noticeable results within just 30 days of use

cutting stack reviewCrazy Bulk’s Cutting Stack is composed of scientifically-backed supplements all designed to get you ripped as fast and easily as possible. There are four highly effective supplements included that are made from completely safe, natural compounds.

They work alongside your body’s chemistry to create amazing results without any side effects. Any experienced bodybuilder can attest to its benefits. The effect you’ll see on your physique from this stack will have you wondering whether you’re dreaming.

The aim of an effective cut is to get rid of all the fat without touching your muscle stores. That’s exactly what Crazy Bulk’s cutting stack is designed to do. Nobody wants to lose their hard-earned muscle mass just for the sake of a six-pack.

Your size and strength should not come at the expense of a lean body which Crazy Bulk know. That’s why all of these supplements will help you lose the unwanted weight whilst holding onto your size.

Stack Supplements List

The Cutting Stack combines a high-quality testosterone booster as well as legal cutting steroid alternative formulas to help you burn all of the extra fat you gained from bulking whilst simultaneously prevent muscle breakdown.

Included in the stack are four of the most powerful cutting steroid alternatives on the market:


Anvarol is a safe and effective legal alternative to Anavar: a well-known powerful anabolic steroid. Crazy Bulk’s Anvarol produces the same cutting results of Anavar but doesn’t expose you to any of the dangerous health and legal risks.

The supplement works by stimulating phosphocreatine synthesis within your muscle tissues and therefore, increasing your physical strength and energy levels.

Furthermore, it helps to retain lean muscle mass which is incredibly important in a cut. Not to mention, it also helps to build stamina and endurance for those intense cardio workouts.

Proper use of Anvarol will guarantee a chiseled and cut physique for both men and women – not something many supplements or legal steroids can do.


One of the biggest reasons people struggle to gain muscle, lose fat and maintain a good-looking body as they grow older is because your testosterone levels drop. Testo-Max is designed to increase natural levels as well as reverse low levels of this important sex hormone.

Testo-Max contains a potent blend of Tribulus Terrestris, D-Aspartic acid and fenugreek extract as well as a few other hormone stimulating compounds.

Combined, these ingredients help to boost your strength and stamina all whilst making it easier for your body to burn fat. This creates an environment to shed fat and build muscle incredibly fast.

Regular use of effective testosterone supplements such as Testo-Max can significantly impact your hormone levels which put fat at the forefront to use for energy.


The best way to ensure that you’re dropping fat as fast as possible is to use a reliable fat burner. For this reason, Crazy Bulk have made sure to incorporate Clenbutrol into their cutting stack.

Clenbutrol consists of three powerful fat burners:

  • Guarana Extract
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Citrus Aurantium

This is why it’s one of the top legal fat burners on the market.

Clenbutrol is primarily used by athletes and professional bodybuilders to help them in their cutting cycles. But it can be used by anyone for the same effect. Clenbutrol enhances your performance in the gym or on the field whilst aiding in lean muscle tissue regeneration and body repair cycle.

Furthermore, it increases your aerobic capacity and improves your central nervous system, blood volume and pressure regulation all whilst supporting oxygen transportation throughout the body.


Winsol is another powerful anabolic steroid that combines several ingredients for a ridiculous fat burning ability. This supplement works by increasing your body’s metabolism so that you’re burning more energy (and fat) over the course of your day.

Crazy Bulk includes Winsol in its Cutting Stack as it provides similar benefits to the steroid Winstrol without any of the adverse side effects. Winsol helps to increase strength, speed, power, and endurance for more effective and intense workouts.

In turn, this creates a well-sculpted beach body made from hardened muscle and minimal fat.

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Below you can see just one of the many transformation images by real users who have used Crazy Bulk’s Cutting Stack to help their fat-loss efforts.

It’s important to remember that in order to achieve results like these you also need to keep up an appropriate lifestyle alongside an effective range of supplements. This includes eating the right calories for your goal as well as hard training in the gym.

If you’re cutting, then you need to maintain a caloric deficit for the best fat-loss results. You can’t expect to lose fat and get the body of your dreams by simply relying on supplementation; no matter how effective these supplements may be.

What you will find with many supplement websites is that they’ll make big claims about their abilities for fat loss and muscle gain without any evidence to back them up. Crazy Bulk makes sure to provide real customer testimonials to tell you the truth about their steroids.

Considering that there are thousands of cutting steroids and supplements on the market with each promising dramatic results. It’s understandable to be cautious when looking for the perfect product. I can confidently recommend Crazy Bulk’s Cutting Stack after careful and vigorous research skills. Like you, I’m interested in results. I would only promote a product that I know could help you.

I recommend Crazy Bulk’s Cutting Stack for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the stack is highly effective with numerous testimonials from professional athletes, professional bodybuilders and fitness fanatics. Each transformation is more impressive than the last.

Secondly, Crazy Bulk make sure to include detailed information about all of their different ingredients for each of the four included supplements. This means there’s no hidden fillers, costs or ineffective supplements. You get exactly what you pay for: high quality, effective supplements to create real-world results at an affordable price.

Crazy Bulk is a credible and trustworthy supplier. Their aim is to give you all of the information you need to make an educated decision when purchasing your supplements. All of the products are legal alternatives to popular steroids just without any of the legal or health implications.

cutting stack results before after photos

Cycle Length and Dosage Directions

You need to take the tablets with meals, including the days which you do not train. On workout days, take the tablets 30-45 minutes prior to working out for the best results.

The supplement stack should be used for a two-month (eight weeks) cycle followed by a one and a half week break before the next use. It’s important to follow your cutting diet carefully and strictly.

As we’ve said, no matter how effective your supplement regime is. It can’t work at its best unless it’s alongside the correct diet. Even with all the benefits of Crazy Bulk’s cutting stack, you still have to watch your caloric intake and keep to a consistent training program for optimal results.

Once these supplements start kicking in you’ll be amazed by the difference in your look and performance. You’ll be so motivated that you’ll never want to leave the gym!


1. Does Crazy Bulk’s Cutting Stack work?

Yes, but it doesn’t work unless you’re also using an effective diet and training plan. In order to see the best results, you also need to train hard and eat appropriately for your goal.

2. Is Crazy Bulk’s Cutting Stack legal and safe?

Yes, it’s both legal and safe as it’s completely free from any banned substances.

3. When and how should I use Crazy Bulk’s Cutting Stack?

Typically, after a period of bulking and gaining weight, you’ll want to enter into a cutting cycle to drop excess fat. This is where the Cutting Stack comes into play to maximise your fat loss results whilst maintaining muscle mass.

4. Where should I buy Crazy Bulks Cutting Stack?

It’s best to visit Crazy Bulk’s website directly in order to avoid purchasing fake supplements. It is not available to buy on Amazon, eBay or GNC.

5. What is the best cutting stack?

As you most likely know from your research, there are thousands of cutting supplements on the market that promise dramatic results. However, I firmly believe that Crazy Bulk offer the best cutting stack you can buy at an extremely affordable price.

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