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supplements stackAlthough considered to be a “meathead” sport by many, bodybuilding is actually as much mental as it is physical. Ask any veteran bodybuilder out there if they would have gotten to where they are now without knowing about training, nutrition, supplementation, and a lot of other things.

The truth is you need to know how to lift, how to eat, and how to take care of your body if you are to improve in the long-run; one way you can care for your body is through supplementation. Although vast in utility and quality, such products all have a single purpose and that is to help your body constantly improve. Now with varied quality also comes the risk of buying a bad product, which is why articles such as this MusclePharm Assault review will be of great help to you.

The product we will be looking at in this review is MusclePharm Assault, a pre-workout. Pre-workout supplements only gained popularity in recent years so they are a relatively new thing, but the benefits they bring are quite welcome. How many times did you have to force yourself to go to the gym because of lack of energy? It happens to all of us, but thanks to these supplements you can hopefully avoid this situation altogether.

The best and most effective pre-workout supplements are ones that cover all the important areas, which is exactly what Assault does. It provides you, the user, with energy, strength, endurance, size, and finally focus.

MusclePharm Assault Benefits

If you’ve been around the bodybuilding scene for some time you may have already heard or seen this product, but you should know that it was recently re-designed and re-branded. It now comes with a new formula and a new green tub, but does it work? It sure does! Assault comes with a 5-stage delivery system which does the following:

  • Amplifies ATP levels in order to buffer lactic acid buildup
  • Give you performance through the “ION-3 Nitrate Technology Matrix”
  • Activates insulin and increases cellular energy
  • Acts as a neuro igniter
  • Hydrates your body

It achieves all of these benefits by incorporating several ingredients. Now the full list is too big to show here, but the key ingredients include:

  • Beta-alanine

Each serving provides 2 grams of Carnosyn® Patented beta-alanine, which is a very popular ingredient found in many pre-workout supplements that helps with endurance.

  • Caffeine

Helps with energy and focus. This product includes a special blend of caffeine known as PurEnergy that not only affects you for longer than regular caffeine but also removes the typical crash from the equation.

  • Creatine Nitrate

Creatine fused with nitric acid, this results in a highly absorbable creatine that boosts both your Nitric Oxide and ATP reserves.

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Using MusclePharm Assault Effectively

As with most such supplements you should only take Assault on your training days, about 30 minutes before actually hitting the gym, by mixing it with water. You know this supplement is about to hit you when you start to get that tingling sensation (which is caused by the beta-alanine); when this happens you know it’s time to get physical!

I noticed quite a good increase in my lifts when using this product, but the biggest benefit were the insane pumps I got while training. They were so good that I frequently had to stop training in order to let the blood drain out a little. If you do decide to use this product I suggest to start out with half a scoop first just to test your tolerance. When you notice that 2 scoops are no longer affecting you through diminishing returns, that’s your cue to take some time off.

If it is within your budget always go for the 50 serving size for the best value. As for the flavor, I prefer Lemon Lime the most but this falls mostly to personal preference; you have a lot to choose from anyway!
Also worth mentioning is that even though this product claims to be banned substances free, you should still check with your federation if you are a competitive athlete just to be sure.

That’s all. I hope that this MusclePharm Assault review was useful.


Muscle Pharm Assault
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Muscle Pharm Assault Supplement Facts:

Muscle Pharm Assault Supplement Facts

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