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supplements stackAnyone that practices any type of weight-lifting activity will surely have heard about supplements; it’s pretty hard not to since they can be seen everywhere in today’s world! Now one has to be careful when it comes to these things because competition has become so great nowadays that it has become hard to actually find quality products.

Supplement companies are all about money and most of them resort to inferior ingredients just to make more income while also glorifying their products with unrealistic claims so that you buy them.

This is the reason why many people fall victim to these products, but thanks to this Optimum Nutrition Essential AmiNO Energy review (and the many others which I write) you will be able to get a realistic view on some of the quality products that still remain.

Optimum Nutrition Essential AmiN.O. Energy Facts

This product that I am going to talk about today provides a big range of benefits to its users through a combination of multiple powerful ingredients. While containing a big list of compounds that is too long to show here (you can always look at the ingredient label of course), I will list the main ingredients which are hinted at in the product’s name; these amino acids, N.O. boosting ingredients, and natural energizers.

  • Amino Acids

Amino acids are what protein is made out of, and as such it is important to feed your body these nutrients in order to assist with recovery and muscle building. ON Essential AmiN.O. Energy includes a big range of these nutrients including BCAAs, which are 3 essential amino acids. Although most products stop there, this one also includes a lot of other amino acids including CarnoSyn® beta-alanine to help boost endurance and arginine to help give you better pumps. All of the amino acids found in this product are of the highest quality, come in free-form, and are micronized, making them very easy to absorb by the body. One serving (which is equal to 2 scoops) provides a total of 5 grams of amino acids.

  • Energy

Besides the amino acids, this product also includes an “energy blend” which is a combination of multiple ingredients each one aimed at energizing you. This blend includes well-known and powerful ingredients such as green coffee and green tea. You cannot work out effectively while tired, which is why energy is an important asset to a productive training session. You don’t want to be “that guy” yawning through his session do you?

  • N.O. Boosters

Standing for Nitric Oxide, supplementing N.O. will help you greatly during your workout by giving you better pumps and increased strength.

As you can probably tell by this point, Essential AmiNO Energy has a lot of uses so let’s look at that next.

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Using ON Essential AmiN.O. Energy

It’s hard to really classify this product as a pre-workout or post-workout supplement as it can be used at various times throughout the day. For example, it can be taken before your workout or even during for better pumps, better energy, muscle protection, and more endurance. It can also be taken post-workout and even between meals for added energy and recovery.

Personally, I only took this product before my actual workouts although the regular single serving size wasn’t very effective. I had to go up to 2 servings (4 scoops) in order to feel the burst of energy commonly associated with most pre-workout supplements, although the effect was quite noticeable then.

AmiN.O. only comes in powder form but is available in multiple sizes. The smallest is 10 servings which goes up to 30 and even 65. Mixability was great as the powder dissolved almost instantly without even needing a good shake and the flavors were good as well. I only tried two, Fruit Fusion and Orange Cooler, so I cannot really comment on the others but these two were good. Also worth mentioning is that this product contains no sugar and only has 10 calories per serving making it very attractive for people on a diet.

That’s all for this write-up guys; I hope you have learned something new from this Optimum Nutrition Essential AmiNO Energy review!

Here are my final product ratings for you guys:

Optimum Nutrition Essential AmiNO Energy
  • Value
  • Energy
  • Size
  • Strength



Optimum Nutrition Essential AmiNO Energy Supplement Facts:

ON Amino Energy Supplement Facts


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