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whey protein isolateHello fellow bodybuilders, how are you today? I hope all is well.

Today I want to talk to you about a product which has been very helpful to me with regards to my training. As you all probably know by now virtually everyone who goes to the gym takes or has taken a protein powder, but did they choose the correct product for their situation?

The likely answer is no, since so many people buy these kind of supplements at random. You have to understand that not every protein powder is made in the same way or has the same function, so a smart person would first do some research before committing to a specific product. In this article I will showcase one of the best protein powders I have tried so far: PharmaMuscle Wheymax – Whey Protein Isolate.

First however, let me introduce myself. Bodybuilding has been a big part of my life for the past 7 years or so and has helped me evolve not just physically, but also mentally and spiritually. You see, bodybuilding is more than just working out; it’s a lifestyle! In order to be successful in bodybuilding you have to live and breathe it, which is exactly what I do, and through this process have learned a lot not just about training but also about nutrition and supplementation.
With that out of the way, let us move on to the actual review now…

Whey Protein Isolate – PharmaMuscle Wheymax Facts

As I explained in the introduction not every protein powder is made in the same way. Products of this nature differ from each other in multiple aspects:

  • Their quality
  • The protein sources they use
  • Their added nutritional benefits

The most important of these is the protein source (or sources) used by the product in question, so let me elaborate on that first. Protein sources dictate several aspects of a protein powder, namely what percentage of it is actually protein, how complete the protein is, and how fast it is digested by the body. The most common sources used by companies today are whey concentrate protein sourcesand whey isolate, but PharmaMuscle Wheymax doesn’t use either of these. Instead it opts for a higher quality protein source known as hydrolysed whey protein isolate.

If you’ve never heard about this kind of protein source you should know that it undergoes a special process that breaks down each individual peptide into multiple smaller versions of itself, making it an extremely high quality and very fast absorbing protein. Not only that, but because it is created from regular whey isolate it also contains very little fat, lactose, cholesterol, and carbohydrates. Even though it’s a little expensive when compared to other products on the market, each scoop provided by PharmaMuscle Wheymax contains 100% pure whey protein, and thus will give you back your money’s worth.

Whey Protein Isolate – PharmaMuscle Wheymax Ratings

Now that I spoke about what is actually contained in this product, let me talk a little bit about when and how you should use it. Because this product is extremely fast digesting the ideal scenario for its usage is when your muscles are starving the most, which is as soon as you wake up and directly after training. Now this product contains very little carbohydrate content so it’s suitable for people on a diet, but people in their “bulking” phase can also make use of it by adding their own carbs such as oats into the mixture. Shakes with added oats are a very popular thing amongst bodybuilders and is something I make use of greatly, so give it a go if you’ve never tried it before.

A final thing I want to mention about this product is its taste and mixability. The worst thing I can experience when using a protein powder is ending up with a chunky shake, but that has never been a problem for me when using this product. Using advanced formulation techniques, PharmaMuscle have been able to create a product that not only mixes in very easily (can be done with just a spoon; no shaker needed) but also tastes great. Unfortunately it only comes in two flavors, chocolate and vanilla, but they both taste awesome! Although it mixes in well with water, milk, and juice, I would recommend you use milk because this not only provides additional protein from the milk itself, but also seems to enhance the taste.

A study performed by the Opinion-Group, who specialize in sensory evaluation of food and drink products, concluded that PharmaMuscle Wheymax was the number one best tasting hydrolysed protein on the market. The study included 300 people between the age of 26 and 35 who were all serious sports enthusiasts.

Vegetarians will also be pleased to know that this product was approved by the Vegetarian Society.

Before I close off this PharmaMuscle Wheymax review I would like to give you my final verdict using a 5 point system

Thanks for reading and see you next time!


Whey Protein Isolate - PharmaMuscle Wheymax
  • Mixability
  • Taste
  • Effectiveness
  • Absorption Time
  • Safety



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