Over the last few years if your gym attendance has been kept relatively up to date you may well have noticed that gym technology has progressed massively.

The resistance machines now look like something out of the movie ‘Pacific Rim’. Gym members are walking around with wireless headphones connected to the latest all screen iPhone X.

Even with the rapid changing of gym environments let’s be honest you have to keep your eating plans and workout routines extremely varied to maintain a sense of sustainability and enjoyment towards your workout goals, and this can be difficult.

You may be constantly on the lookout to spice up a habit of a lifetime or a New Year’s resolution with a weird 30 days challenge, an extra HITT workout or the latest keto diet.

This may be fun for a few weeks. Inject a new lease of life into your routine. But your mind and body adapt quickly and you soon reach another plateau in your progress.

VR Black Box Review

However, things are about to change. If you’re into your technology advancements already you may well have heard that Virtual Reality (VR) is taking over.

All the big companies have invested the big bucks to make huge steps forward in a variety of industries. And this includes bodybuilding and fitness. The fitness industry is about to be changed forever. Your workout environment will no longer be as we currently know it and all this is because of the Black Box VR.

Leading the way is well known former Bodybuilding.com CEO Ryan DeLuca. He is a co-founder of the VR Black Box concept. His team is providing VR workouts in a whole new dimension. Once on, for example, the VR headset can allow you to perceive that a personal trainer is standing in front of you, taking you through your next workout session.

It can also immerse you in a virtual world while running on a treadmill. I didn’t come up with these ideas in a dream I had last night. These virtual fitness environments will become reality. They will be efficient, effective, low cost, fun and accessible to all across the industry.

VR Bodybuilding And Fitness

When you think of VR you may immediately think of anti-social gamers stuck in their rooms for hours chatting with virtual friends all around the world.

However, VR will be changing society beyond belief in the near future and the fitness industry will be alongside for the journey.

VR has been around for a couple of years in some shape or form. Technological advancements are constantly being made. VR headsets are already available to buy in a range of quality and price.

The VR Black Box is an example of how this technology is infiltrating the fitness and bodybuilding world making it more accessible. Once submerged in this VR fitness environment you have no choice but to move. And as we know, that’s a good thing!

Once the headset is on you can be instantly transported into a world where you must exercise, duck, run, jog and jump your way through a session. Because the world is virtual who knows where you will end up or what challenge you come across. That’s the beauty of it!

VR Black Box Personal Trainer

Websites like bodybuilding.com have made fitness education available to all, at the click of a button and at a high standard.

You can quickly pull up an expert tutorial on pretty much any related question, exercise idea, diet or full workout plan. A VR Personal Trainer now takes this notion a leap and a jump further.

A VR headset will allow you to ‘meet’ a personal trainer and be in the workout tutorial yourself. Your new reality will allow you to walk around the trainer, copy their actions and see the exercise being performed from any angle you wish.

This exciting prospect places you in a personal training session, where the environment is virtual. But the motivation and fitness progress is real!

VR Virtual Workout Anywhere

The gym can be a claustrophobic environment at the best of times, whether your treadmill is facing a wall, your cross-trainer is looking out over a car park or the free weights section looks like something out of the house of mirrors some gyms can be off-putting.

However, VR Black Box will be able to grant you access to workout anywhere you wish. Go for a run across the Golden Gate Bridge. Workout at Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s home ‘iron paradise’ gym. Bike across the south of France. Your exercise experience will never be the same again.

It’s only a matter of time before VR becomes naturally part of your exercise equipment. Working out while you’re wearing it will be second nature.

Full immersion in a high-quality VR experience will allow you to pick and choose your workout. But excitingly decide where in the world you want to work out!

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